The Logistically, Inc. Story

Logistically, Inc. was created with the goal of building a TMS that is different than anything else on the market. Backed by seasoned veterans in the logistics field and an accomplished engineering team, Logistically has the ingredients to make the secret sauce that will change the way the industry looks at transportation software.

After spending an extraordinary amount of time evaluating the major players in the TMS space, it became clear that the available choices were not only going to cost a small fortune, but were ugly, hard to use and would require extensive training and support.  The founding partners had an itch to scratch and spent several years developing what started out as a small, custom TMS with limited features.  As demand grew for the software, so did the feature-set and our vision for what a TMS should be.

While successful in the prior TMS projects, we knew we could build on our previous software and build a new system that would be nothing short of stunning.  That’s why we built Logistically TMS the right way: modern; cost-effective; flexible; simple; powerful.  The experience within Logistically provides not only the technical prowess to create a world-class TMS, but also the transportation industry knowledge necessary to apply an efficient, common-sense approach to everyday transportation work.

What Makes Us Special

Agile and FlexibleWe’re a lean, flexible company, practicing Agile software development.  This offers a great advantage to our customers, allowing us to turn on a dime and react quickly to changing circumstances. Our size also equips us with two other assets: focus and discipline.  We don’t have layers of middle-management and large disparate teams working inefficiently.  Our right hand knows exactly what the left hand is doing and every decision we make answers the question, “will it make the software better for our customers?”.