Logistically TMS

Logistically TMS is our flagship product – designed by logistics pros for logistics pros.  Whether you’re a Shipper, Broker or 3PL, Logistically TMS has everything you need to manage your transportation.

Before a single line of code was written, we knew Logistically TMS had to be different than anything else on the market today. Not just different, but better too.  We set the bar high, ensuring quality, performance and user experience are at the core of every aspect of the application.

What makes Logistically TMS Different?

  • Modern Cloud Software: If you are currently using a TMS, you know what we’re talking about. Archaic behemoths that aren’t just ugly, but confusing and hard to use. We’re going in a different direction, using modern cloud architecture and cutting edge technology to bring you a TMS that is as beautiful as it is intuitive.
  • Blazing Fast: What else can we say? With Logistically TMS, you’ll stop wasting time waiting for screens to load. Now what to do with all that extra time?
  • Secure & Reliable: We use proven methods to enforce authentication and authorization policies, building security into every layer of the TMS. And our industry-acclaimed cloud hosting partner touts 99.999% uptime, which translates to rock solid reliability.
  • Easy Integration: An enterprise software system is only as good as its ease of integration, making Logistically TMS pretty darn good. It supports push notifications for the operations you care about. We also have a rich API that lets you pull data out of the system any time you want. Both options use standard methods and protocols, so it’s not a lot of hard work.
  • Extremely Affordable: There are still far too many companies out there relying on spreadsheets and manual processes to manage their transportation. Those who can afford a TMS must choose among the best of the worst without going broke. In our Logistically utopian view, every company deserves a powerful TMS. That’s why Logistically TMS comes with a fair and honest price.
  • Quality Crafted: We pride ourselves on our agility and leanness. We don’t waste time doing anything that won’t add value to the customer and our focused team can change direction fast. These are attributes of a quality-driven company that pays attention to the details and crafts software by hand right here in Midwest, USA. Think of Logistically TMS as a fine piece of handmade furniture – something your grandpa would be proud of.
  • World-Class Support: It’s been said many times – there’s just no such thing as good service these days. It’s hard to argue with unanswered phone calls, form letter email responses and the abundance of lip service these days. We aim to change that perception by offering every one of our customers world-class service and support. We’re fanatics about it. Don’t believe it? Contact us and see how long it takes to get a response.
  • Full Order Cycle: Logistically TMS handles the entire order cycle, from quoting to carrier payment and customer invoicing. It can even invoice customers automatically, saving an enormous amount of time and effort (not to mention stamps and envelopes). But Logistically goes a step further by supporting not only freight orders, but anything else you want to charge a customer for – management and brokerage fees, customs fees, whatever. Invoice customers for any activity from one place.
  • IT Partnership: When you work with Logistically you’re not only getting a world class TMS, you are gaining an IT Partner. We know technology and software development and don’t mind sharing. Our expertise extends directly to our customers so we can be leveraged for anything from advice to integrations to custom development projects.

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Professional Services

Logistically also offers professional services in addition to our core product, Logistically TMS. Our Professional Services team can help with your migration, or transition, to Logistically TMS.  Our programming and IT experts are here to help anywhere you need us.

Service Offerings

  • Integration: ERP and Back-office integration for services such as rating, tracking, invoicing and costing analysis.
  • Consulting: Have a question about transportation systems? Can it fit in your ecosystem? How much work is it to get going? Do I really need one? How can I integrate it with my online store? Let Logistically help you answer those questions.
  • Ecommerce: Have an ecommerce site or want to share shipping information with customers? We can help setup freight quoting, rating and tracking from your website so your customers can help themselves.
  • Customer/Carrier Setup: Don’t want to set up a new customer or carrier? Logistically can help with that.
  • Auditing: Logistically TMS will audit and pay your carriers

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