Additional Services and Fees

The following outlines extra services, integrations, and fees that are not included with the standard Logistically TMS package.

Integrations and Extras

  • ProMiles - Fixed $1400/year

  • PC Miler - Varies, depending on Revenue with automatic yearly increases. Starts at ~$2300/year

  • Checkbook, Inc. carrier payment integration - $1.00 / digital payment (you can have many carrier invoices with one payment)

  • 10-4 Systems Enhanced Tracking - $1.50 - $3.25/load

  • Load Board Accounts - See DAT website for details

  • Risk Monitoring or Carrier On-boarding services - SaferWatch and My Carrier Packets integration. They have a New Broker price of $270/month for the first year. For a detailed price quote, please contact Logistically for a demo.

  • API Carrier Image Downloads - $.05/order

  • Real-time Volume LTL - Minimum $100/month
    Learn More About VLTL

  • Carrier EDI Invoice Integration - $.50/bill

  • SMC3 Carrier Connect - This is not required and used to reliably determine transit method (Direct or Interline) and terminal information. Contact SMC3 for pricing.

Additional Services

  • Custom Development
    This is the standard rate for custom programming. Logistically customers must approve any project that may incur custom development charges.

  • Custom Reporting
    This is the standard rate for building custom reports on the Logistically TMS Reporting Platform. Logistically accounts must approve any project that may incur custom reporting charges.

  • Electronic BOL/POD/DR
    Many LTL API carriers offer the ability to fetch BOL’s and/or Delivery Receipts (DR). In Logistically TMS they can be fetched manually or automatically depending on the account’s requirements. The cost is $.05/order, regardless of the number of documents fetched.

  • Hosting - Custom Process
    A custom process is custom written programming that performs specific tasks as outlined by the account. These are most often written for integration purposes, such as importing a CSV file and creating orders in Logistically TMS.

  • EDI Carrier Invoices (210)
    EDI is the only reliable and consistent way to automatically receive invoices from Carriers into Logistically TMS. As invoices are received, they can be automatically audited and approved or rejected. For 3PL accounts, an Approved invoice can automatically create a Customer Invoice Line or Customer Invoice.

  • Small Package / Parcel Service
    This is for integrating with FedEx and UPS Small Package service.

  • Integrated Faxing Services
    Logistically TMS offers electronic faxing of BOL’s.

  • Integrated Credit Card Platform Fee
    This applies to 3PL accounts who require customers to pre-pay with a credit card before booking an LTL shipment.