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Manage Truckload
The Easy Way

Logistically TMS is the ideal solution for 3PLs, Brokers, and Shippers who manage FTL shipments

Logistically TMS Managed Truckload

Logistically TMS is the ideal solution for 3PL's, Brokers and Shippers who manage FTL Shipments. Quote, Dispatch and Track without sending emails or making phone calls. For Brokers and 3PL's it gets even better as we've built everything needed to handle all the nuances of managing Full Truckload freight.

Our Solutions

Super Easy Setup

Logistically TMS literally sets up in minutes. Setting up carriers is a breeze and takes seconds.

Advanced Carrier Sourcing

Finding quality carriers to cover loads is hard. Don’t put all your eggs in the Load Board basket. Logistically TMS has integrated with the Cargo Chief Capacity tool (C4) to help customers build their Carrier Network. Find the quality carriers that aren’t posting to Load Boards, what we like to call “Dark Capacity”. Coming soon is Logistically SourcePro, which will automate the carrier networking process.

Check out our joint webinar: 3 Ways to Overcome Sporadic Capacity and Inaccurate Rates - Cargo Chief and Logistically

Third Party Integrations

Logistically TMS is integrated with many third-party solutions that 3PL's, Brokers and Shippers use to run their operations.

Pay Carriers right from Logistically TMS

Our available Checkbook integration makes it easy to pay carriers directly from the TMS saving valuable time (and quite often money).

Find Hidden Revenue

Logistically TMS offers many ways to add revenue to your freight operation. Markup anything from line-haul to accessorials to fuel. Logistically TMS also provides several combinable markup types to help add to the bottom line.

Integrated Rate Quoting

Near instant quotes of contracted carriers with our flexible and robust rate table solutions. We’ve also partnered with DAT RateView and Cargo Chief to offer access to accurate, real-time rates that are actually being paid by real people.

Check out our joint webinar: 3 Ways to Overcome Sporadic Capacity and Inaccurate Rates - Cargo Chief and Logistically

Advanced Lane History Search

Find the trusted carriers that have served you in the past by searching the Lane History by mode, lane and equipment. You control how wide or narrow the net is.

Instant BOL, Rate Confirmation and More

View, Print, Email or Fax a standard VICS Bills of Lading and other documents, including branded Carrier/Customer Rate Confirmations and Pallet Labels. We also support Blind and Double Blind BOLs.

Full Reporting and Analytics Suite

Logistically TMS comes packed with insightful reports, charts and graphs to help you run your business.


Custom reporting is also available when you need something special.

All Modes Included

Logistically TMS isn't just for FTL. It also includes the ability to manage LTL and other modes. We also offer parcel shipping with UPS and FedEx.

Integrated Dispatch

Dispatch to most any carrier with integrated Email Dispatch.

Supply Chain Visibility

We've partnered with 10-4 Systems to offer a visibility and tracking solution that will eliminate the need for check calls - flat rate and no account needed. Not only will you see the location of your loads on a map, but also get notified when it's behind schedule.
Learn more

We’re also integrated with Descartes MacroPoint, however, that service does require an account set up with them.

Or, you can use our patent-pending tracking process for no additional fees. Replace check calls forever!

Full Order Cycle Accounting

Logistically TMS has the whole package. Receive Carrier Invoices automatically with an automated audit. 3PL's can automatically send Customer Invoices with required documents - no need for stamps or envelope stuffing.


We even handle complex discounting scenarios so everything stays in one place. Plus, we offer QuickBooks Integration, as well as other accounting software.

Carrier On-boarding, Risk/Safety/Insurance Monitoring

Logistically TMS integrates with SaferWatch, My Carrier Packets and RMIS to offer options to automate carrier on-boarding and help manage risk by monitoring carrier safety ratings and insurance.

Custom Commission Plans and Tracking

We understand that every business is unique and has its own way of doing things. That's why Logistically TMS was built with the most flexible commission tracking available in the market.

Customer Credit Limits

Reduce the risk of not getting paid by setting up customers with Credit Limits. 

Agent/Customer Segmentation

With Logistically TMS, agents and customers can be segmented for granular control over which customers an agent has access to. Great for branch offices, franchises or outside sales agent scenarios.

Check out our joint webinar: 3 Ways to Overcome Sporadic Capacity and Inaccurate Rates - Cargo Chief and Logistically

Customer Portal

Let your customers help themselves with the Logistically TMS customer portal.


Customers can quote, book loads and track without a single email or phone call. With full control over who has access to what, every customer user can be empowered to help themselves regardless of their role.

Logistically TMS Helps 3PL's and Brokers

for more?

Chances are we already have it.  If we don't, we can work with you and your team to figure out how to meet your needs.

Logistically® is Your Digital Shipping Partner.

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