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Do You Know Where
Your Freight Is?

Logistically TMS Does.

Supply Chain Visibility

Check Call Killer Included

Logistically TMS includes a patent-pending process for tracking FTL shipments. This tracking process requires only an internet-enabled phone, computer, or tablet - no application installs necessary and no carrier users to create and maintain. This method can be a total replacement for Check Calls, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

How it Works

Our tracking process puts the responsibility on the Carrier (Driver or Dispatchers) to provide tracking updates and location information. This is accomplished through a special limited-access web page where status and tracking updates can be updated. Each Order can be configured to send automatic reminders to update tracking.


Driver Smartphone Tracking

With Logistically TMS, Shippers and 3PL's will never have to wonder where their freight is again. Our near real time visibility and tracking solution shows the freight is and will notify if it's off schedule - all without a single check call. Choose between Trimble’s 10-4 product, which requires no account and is available as a pay-as-you-go service, or Descartes MacroPoint which does require an account be set up directly.

Don't take our word for it....

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