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Real Time 
Volume LTL

Quote, Dispatch And Track VLTL In Real
Time Without Phone Call And Emails

Real Time Volume LTL

With tight capacity and rising costs, shippers are looking for alternatives to move their freight without breaking their budgets. Volume LTL (VLTL) is a great option for freight that is too big for LTL and too small for Truckload, but the downside has always been the hassle of calling and emailing carriers for rate quotes. Leave those headaches behind with Logistically TMS VLTL. Get instant Volume LTL rates from the most respected names in the industry with the click of a button. With integrated dispatch and tracking, VLTL is now available as a push-button solution that will save time and money. 

What is Volume LTL?

Volume LTL is used by Shippers and 3PL's for shipments too big for LTL (8 - 12 linear feet or 6 pallets), but smaller than a full truckload. The exact requirements for VLTL will vary by carrier, but the flexibility is what makes it so powerful.

Why Volume LTL?

Offers flexibility when the shipment doesn't fit exactly into LTL or TL standards. Saves money by eliminating the risky task of estimating the size and space needed.

Enjoy higher profit margins by letting the LTL spot market reduce costs and potentially save time.

Takes advantage of backhaul lanes.

VLTL is priced by the linear foot, so freight classes don't apply. This allows pricing to be more competitive than existing tariffs or agreements.

Why Logistically TMS VLTL?

Volume LTL has traditionally been difficult to execute, but we make it easy.

Save Time

Without a real time VLTL solution, shippers and 3PL's must rely on phone calls and emails to get VLTL rates and schedule shipments. Our integrated solution saves valuable time and energy that can be spent on more important things.

Remove Guesswork

The availability of VLTL opportunities depends on LTL and Truckload markets, which are difficult to predict manually. Logistically TMS offers visibility into both through our Load Board and integrated VLTL. Be confident by using this one intuitive platform.

Automatic Linear Foot Calculations

Calculating the linear feet of a shipment can be tricky. Figure too high and you may over pay. Figure too low and you might incur unexpected charges. Our linear foot calculator considers turnable and stackable skids and displays the most accurate calculations for both. We even show the details of every option to give the confidence that it's done right. Don't like our numbers? No problem - override it with your own value. 


Logistically TMS takes the confusion out of Linear Foot calculations

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