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RoadRunner Reducing Transit Times

Updated: Aug 15, 2023


Roadrunner Transportation Systems was once a top choice for many Shippers and 3PL’s. However, they’ve been considered an economy carrier for several years now. This has been due to reliability and service issues. In an attempt to win back customers, they’ve begun to focus on increasing quality, service consistency and reliability.

Roadrunner has reduced transit times, typically by one day, on routes between 155 cities to help make them more appealing. This notable upgrade in transit time means Roadrunner may be a carrier worth looking at. Since they are in a rebuilding phase, it’s also good time to negotiate competitive rates.

Rating, Tendering and Tracking

Logistically TMS, transportation software for shippers, 3PL’s and brokers, supports Roadrunner rating, tendering and tracking. Just plugin a Roadrunner username and password and start comparing their rates against other contracted rates, ensuring the best carrier is always chosen.

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